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WHO ist Wolfgang Faenderl, NetLiving-Facilitator

Discovering wholeheartedly, analysing competently, setting hands-on about something... Wolfgang Faenderl  puts complex issues in a nutshell and gets processes going. He is an internationally renowned developer of methods and procedures with a social-science-background who applies his 30 years of know how in the educational-, participation- and counselling sector. 

NetLiving also coins his collegial collaborations in a couple of partnership-networks. In this way appropriate partners can be found whenever necessary. The multitude of applications in the fields of research, education, politics, economy, communities and initiatives brought about eclectic feedback of clients. The over-all opinion: "The collaboration helped to design our projects earlier, more efficient and more based on partnership!"

Wolfgang Faenderl NetLiving-Facilitation

  • makes sense
  • supports quality of life
  • creates an optimal cooperation climate

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