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WHAT does NetLiving mean?

NetWorking sounds like hard work. However, our everyday life can't be imagined without networking. It is taken for granted and determines a huge part or our life, mostly subconsciously.

I therefore prefer the notion of NetLiving. Cross-linked life ranges from personal (neuronal, interpersonal, family contacts...) via institutional (team-, cooperation-, client- & customer-relationships...) to the social level (collaboration of NGO's, economical and political stakeholders...).

When quantitative growth reaches its limits, qualitative growth is needed.

This is especially true for future challenges. Precious interpersonal relationships that have been developed sustainable offer that added value which is often only found in times of crisis: within relatively short time the necessary potentials for smaller and bigger challenges can be found and integrated.

Those who begin with this kind of networking in time are well prepared for the future!

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