• gemeinsame Kräfte entfesseln • Ihren Mehrwert im Auge • attraktive Kristallisationspunkte finden • passende Partner zusammenbringen • wertschätzenden Rahmen schaffen • Prozesse nachhaltig dokumentieren •

HOW can NetLiving be facilitated?

The more complex and unusual the networking process, the more does competent and independent external counseling make sense.

Creating social NetLiving-Processes requires the consideration of as well hard factors (intellectual-functional competences) and soft factors (emotional-interpersonal motivation). These skills develop during activities and require time.

Not everything can be planned when agents (individuals as well as groups) are interacting. In the course of the process there are as many lucky chances as conflicts to be recognized and integrated. Finally, it is important to learn from successes and mistakes for the next cooperations to come.

Research, mediation and facilitation help to tackle complex challenges in collaborations more effectively. Methods that invite for participation and are based on scientific insights are instrumental in this.

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